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Baltimore Outdoor Kitchen Areas Installation

At Bartrum Landscape Services, we create custom and inviting outdoor kitchens that make it easy and fun to entertain outside. Many Baltimore residents enjoy using their outdoor kitchen areas as an entertainment area for guests. In the summer, an outdoor kitchen makes for a great match for the barbeque pit. In the cooler months, families fire up their outdoor burners to prepare some mulled cider amidst the beautiful glow of their holiday lights.

No matter what you’re dreaming of doing with your outdoor kitchen, the professionals at Bartrum Landscape Services can help you turn your idea into a reality. From initial planning, design, and installation, our skilled Baltimore artisans work to create a space that works for you and your family. If you’re interested in learning more about our outdoor kitchen design and installation services, call us today at (410) 206-4916.

Basic Features

Most outdoor kitchen design plans use a combination of custom needs-based elements along with a baseline of common features. These basic aspects often include:

  • Gas grills — A propane-fueled grill top is an essential feature of many outdoor kitchens. Whether you are searing your favorite steak or just heating a kettle on for some tea, a stainless steel grill heats quickly and is easy to use and clean.
  • Food prep areas — Open counter space is ideal for preparing and serving food outdoors.
  • Sinks — To reduce the number of trips you make indoors, a sink is a great addition to an outdoor kitchen area and allows you to access water, wash your hands, and rinse dishes without stepping inside.
  • Built-in trash receptacles — Installing a trash bin in your outdoor kitchen area is a convenient alternative to placing one alongside you while you prepare a meal. Often, built-in trash bins can be secured so that animals are unable to access them.
  • Refrigerators and coolers — The inclusion of a small or large refrigerator provides easy access to the essentials and refreshments and allow you to keeps refreshments stocked for visitors.

Depending on what you want to achieve with your outdoor kitchen, you may choose all or only a few of these features. The combinations and possibilities of outdoor kitchen additions and appliances are nearly endless, and our artisans can work with you to make your outdoor kitchen as beautiful and functional as you want.

Popular Additions

Once you’ve decided on some basic features for your outdoor space, accompanying appliances or built-ins can help you make the most of your area. If you have something specific in mind, the professionals at Bartrum Landscape Services can help you. Some popular added outdoor kitchen features include:

  • Side burners — Use additional burners to prepare side dishes while the main course is on the grill.
  • Access doors — Troubleshoot or adjust on the fly with quick access to plumbing and your propane tank.
  • Flat top griddles — The addition of a flat top griddle is a great addition if you wish to cook hibachi-style dinners or weekend breakfasts.
  • Ice machine — Include an ice machine to simplify outdoor entertaining, and give up those heavy bags of store-bought ice.
  • Kegerator — Especially for the sports enthusiasts, a kegerator is a great addition for keeping your visitors refreshed on game day.
  • Wine chiller — Keep your wine at the optimal temperature by investing in a wine cooler storage space.
  • Bar centers — If you’re planning on entertaining, a complete bar center can be useful in facilitating your parties.

Also, if space is limited yet you’d like to have a countertop feature to display a champagne bottle or some easy-to-grab refreshments, a built-in ice bin is a great solution.

Storage and Ventilation

An important part of designing a kitchen space that functions well is making sure that it has the necessary storage and ventilation for accessibility and safety. In the excitement of planning an outdoor area, many people underestimate the importance of storage. Many outdoor kitchenware companies also have the option for enclosed cabinets to guard against animals that may try to raid your food supply.

Ventilation is an important safety feature, especially for covered patios and outdoor kitchen areas that are built into enclosed areas. When managing the heat of your outdoor kitchen, some features to consider include:

  • Vent Panels — These panels are an added safety benefit, allowing gas to escape in the event of a leak in the gas line.
  • Vent Hoods — Vent hoods will help pull smoke out of your kitchen and keep the air clear for you and your guests.
  •  Insulated Grill Jackets — Installing the proper insulation for heated features will protect both your appliances and your counter space. For example, if your counter is built from wood, proper insulation will ensure that it won’t catch fire when you use your appliances.

Though show stealers like a gas grill or a kegerator easily overshadow additional drawers and pantry storage, some well-placed storage will allow you to make the most of your counter space.

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When it comes to creating an outdoor kitchen, the possibilities are limitless. The professionals at Bartrum Landscape Services understand what it takes to create a great outdoor kitchen, and we can work with you to plan the space that you want. Whether we are working with you on large appliance details or more intricate features, like backsplash and grout, we are ready to help. If you are interested in taking the next steps to make your outdoor kitchen the perfect place to gather, call us at (410) 206-4916.