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Baltimore Excavation Services

Bartrum Landscape Services offers expert excavation services for landscaping project both big and small. Residential property owners may need to remove a dead tree stump or might be looking to create a family-friendly hardscape in their backyard. Commercial clients may need to renovate old parking spaces to keep them up to reasonable standards for customers or improve their walking paths so that they are suitably safe. No matter what excavation services you need, we will be there to make sure the job is done right.

The Baltimore excavation experts at Bartrum Landscape Services know that to improve your lawn and the surrounding areas, you might have to do a little digging. No matter what exactly you are hoping to achieve with your residential property or commercial outdoor space, our excavation specialists can help. Call us at (410) 206-4916 to discuss your needs with a member of our experienced team today.

Our Excavation Services

Depending on your goals, excavation can be helpful in clearing debris, improving the health of your lawn, and creating space for new structures. At Bartrum Landscape Services, we understand that for many people the idea of excavation services can sound quite overwhelming. We strive to make the process as straightforward as possible.

The excavation services from Bartrum Landscape Services can also help with the following projects:

  • Tree root and stump removal
  • Drainage work
  • Clearing land for a basement window
  • Creating a foundation for additional structures
  • Clearing room for hardscapes, water features, and other outdoor attractions
  • General demolition
  • Paving for pathways and patios
  • Replacing old features

Both resourceful and efficient, the excavation specialists at Bartrum Landscape Services work to make your landscaping goals a reality.

Baltimore Excavation and Landscaping

For residential homeowners or commercial property managers, keeping outdoor spaces beautiful and functional is an important way to keep property value high and retain an attractive appearance. By hiring an expert landscaping team, you save yourself time and labor so that you have more time to enjoy your beautiful outdoor spaces. At Bartrum Landscape Services we help clients get the spaces they want and sometimes this requires excavation.

  • Grading and regrading – Ensuring that the slope of your lawn is suitable for draining keeps your home and business safe from flooding and expensive foundational issues. Depending on the job, grading services can be completed without excavation. Specifically though, for lawns and outdoor spaces in need of restructuring, our excavation specialists may be necessary to help you achieve a healthier lawn.
  • Root and stump removal – Trees have complicated root systems underground. Often these root systems have beneficial relationships with the soil and surrounding plant systems. In some cases though, a rotten tree stump can threaten the health of your lawn. The excavation team at Bartrum Landscape Services will help remove these stumps while working to preserve as much of the healthy root systems as possible.

Example Excavation Projects

Excavation is often an essential step in hardscape projects. Hardscaping is merely the addition or building of physical structures to compliment the natural beauty of your lawn. Many hardscaping features have a functional purpose, like a concrete pathway through a garden area, or a built-in sitting area for house guests or business customers. Hardscaping gives your lawn some added purpose and excavation is an essential step in many hardscaping jobs.

  • Paving for walkways – To cut an even walking path, excavation specialists can efficiently carve out the optimal path. Having a well-planned and built pathway is vital in both supporting the overall look of your outdoor space and making sure that people can move safely and comfortably along it.
  • Foundation for new structures – Any job worth doing needs to be done well. Even in the construction of small patios and sheds, an even foundation needs to be created. Quality excavation will ensure the structural soundness of these features.
  • Replacing old structures – Some popular features of our outdoor spaces need some extra attention. For old wells, paths, parking lots, and other structures, our excavation services can help restore these features.

These are only some examples of hardscaping projects that may require excavation services. If you are in need of excavation services for any other landscaping or hardscaping goal, we are ready to help you out.

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At Bartrum Landscape Services, our Baltimore excavation experts are ready to help make your property look it’s very best. We can handle any job you require and will assist with the excavation and renovation of your property’s landscape. We’re ready to sit down with you and discuss your project, so call us at (410) 206-4916 to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team.