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Baltimore Drainage Experts

Having issues with drainage on your commercial or residential property? Turn to the Baltimore drainage experts of Bartrum Landscape Services for help today. For almost a decade, we’ve been helping property owners fix minor and major drainage issues across the city, and we’re ready to help you.

Careful planning goes into the creation of healthy lawns, and when drainage issues arise, they threaten the health of the whole property. Drainage problems often start small and can be corrected with quick action by finding solutions that direct excess water away from pooling areas.

The lawn care and drainage specialists at Bartrum Landscape Services understand how frustrating drainage issues can be when they undermine the beauty and survival of your outdoor spaces. Our team takes quick action and develops a plan that works for your property. Small drainage problems can quickly turn into significant problems, which is why it is important to take action right away when you notice any potential drainage issue.

The damage caused by untreated drainage problems can extend far beyond outdoor spaces and cause foundational issues for your home or business. Additionally, mold growth and health issues related to excessive moisture can be remedied by creating an effective drainage system.

Our landscape and drainage specialists have worked on a variety of properties, and as a result, we understand the unique challenges that each space presents. If you have drainage issues on your property, our specialists will evaluate the area and come up with a plan to address the problem at its source. We are dedicated to making sure that your outdoor spaces are clean, beautiful, and healthy. Call us today at (410) 206-4916 to learn more about how we can help you remedy drainage issues.

Causes of Drainage Problems

The source of drainage issues vary widely and can include anything from design errors to environmental factors to weathering damage to inclement weather. When your property was initially landscaped, the original designer may not have implemented methods to facilitate drainage properly (which can also be a common oversight for homeowners and business owners who want to handle the landscape design of their property on their own).

Honest mistakes happen, and our specialists have the skill and knowledge to help when a design oversight prevents your landscape from growing properly. Maintaining a healthy lawn involves various factors, and fundamental issues (such as the soil type) could be the culprit for excess moisture and rotting. Soils that retain moisture well may not be suited to areas that experience persistent rainfall or are situated close to running water.

In some cases, an unseasonably rainy season or a severe weather event can cause significant damage to the natural balance of an outdoor space. When this happens, sometimes small landscaping adjustments can remedy the issue. Often, some straightforward property adjustments can solve the problem. However, if the issue is more widespread, the best option might be to install a more comprehensive drainage system. The qualified specialists at Bartrum Landscape Services will evaluate your lawn and make a personalized recommendation for treating your drainage issue.

Some common causes of drainage issues include:

  • Poorly planned grading (slope of the yard)
  • Lack of outlets for additional water or runoff
  • Low points for water collection
  • Broken sprinklers
  • Excessive unseasonable rainfall
  • Stagnant plant debris
  • Damaged gutters

Finding and understanding the source of a drainage problem can be difficult to tackle on your own. If excess moisture and pooling are rotting your once-healthy lawn, we can help you find solutions. At Bartrum Landscape Services we will consult with you to determine the cause of your problem and recommend corrective options. Once we agree upon a plan of action, our team will get to work and put lasting solutions in place.

Lawn Grading or Regrading

If your lawn is not properly graded, then it’s not doing the important work of facilitating drainage, and, as a result, your property can suffer. Issues with lawn grading can lead to excessive water pooling and oversaturation. If stagnant water seeps into the root systems of your plants, trees, and soil, it can impact the integrity of your property’s foundation. Lawn grading services are particularly helpful after cold Baltimore winters when snowy and icy runoff needs a clear path to drain.

People who attempt to regrade their property on their own can create a more complex problem than when they began. Leveling into thriving soil and roots and disrupting well-functioning places in your lawn will not achieve your goal of creating a healthier lawn. If you are unfamiliar with landscaping, attempting to grade your lawn on your own can pose a threat to your existing plants’ ability to regrow. Our specialists are ready to consult with you to help find a plan that works best for your yard.

Though grading has a primarily practical function, it is also cosmetic. Grading can improve the overall look of your lawn by taking a flat plane and creating visual interest and hierarchy. Contact the Baltimore lawn grading specialists at Bartrum Landscape Services. Our team will review your property and help determine the best strategy to keep your plants and property thriving.

Costs of Drainage Problems

Quick detection and corrective measures are the best way to ensure that a drainage issue doesn’t turn into a serious financial burden. A small puddle in the low spots of your yard may not appear to be a problem, but these puddles are often important indications that the drainage system on your property could be improved. In times of inclement weather, such as heavy rainfall or snowy seasons, a small puddle can grow tremendously, causing severe flooding and property damage.

Unfortunately, drainage issues do not correct themselves, if you suspect that the grading or drainage system in your yard could be improved, you may be right. If you have a widespread problem, excessive pooling and water absorption can harm more than just your yard. If water and moisture collect substantially, the structural integrity of your foundation can be at risk. Excessive moisture can cause wood flooring to warp. Additionally, mold and mildew are common occurrences when excess water is present. These irritants often pose health risks to occupants.  To avoid the potential financial burden and health issues that poor drainage can cause, know the signs:

  • Mosquito breeding
  • Excess mud
  • Foundational cracking
  • Unsightly landscapes
  • Mildew
  • Mold
  • Plant rot

The drainage team at Bartrum Landscape Services know all too well that drainage issues aren’t only unsightly, they are expensive. The prospect of dealing with a drainage issue can seem like an inconvenience, but our team of experienced landscape specialists is committed to making the process as intuitive as possible. Drainage issues often interfere with the plans that you had for your personal or business outdoor space, but with quick detection and action, our specialists can help you course correct.

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The drainage experts at Bartrum Landscape Services have been helping fix property drainage issues for residential and commercial properties in Baltimore since 2010. Whether it’s a simple adjustment or a more comprehensive overhaul to your yard’s drainage, we are ready to put our skill and knowledge to work for you. Call us today at (410) 206-4916.