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Bel Air Landscape Specialists

The team of Bel Air landscapers at Bartrum Landscape Services has proudly helped countless residents to transform their outdoor spaces into more beautiful and livable areas. We work on residential and commercial properties for owners who want to increase their curb appeal. Though many of our clients have an idea of what they’d like to achieve with their landscape, we also work with people who’d rather entrust the creative vision to our experienced team. No matter what your needs, if you want to enhance the beauty of your outdoor areas, give us a call today at (410) 206-4916.

Bel Air Landscaping

Landscaping is an effective way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces. We work with the natural elements of your lawn, help you choose an overall design that works for your property, and get to work to make your outdoor area both beautiful and functional.

  • Landscape Design — Planning is the first important step to designing an outdoor space that will look beautiful and grow to its full potential.
  • Landscape Maintenance and Renewal — We offer routine maintenance to keep outdoor spaces growing. Additionally, after harsh winters or heavy storms, our renewal services will get your lawn back on the right track.
  • Organic Lawn Care — We offer sustainable methods to lower our environmental impact.
  • Sodding — We source, deliver, and install fresh, thriving grass, which instantly takes your yard from unhealthy to lush and green.

Whether your property needs a full overhaul or only a few small adjustments, our experienced landscaping specialists are happy to offer suggestions.

Bel Air Drainage Services

Planning your outdoor spaces with drainage in mind may not seem as exciting as choosing plant arrangements and hardscaping, but it is vitally important for the health and survival of your landscape. If you don’t have a proper system in place to direct water flow away from flat areas, then your lawn could be vulnerable to flooding. Excess flooding could eventually become a larger problem, killing your plants and causing your property’s foundation to crack. The services Bartrum Landscape Services offers to help with drainage are:

  • Grading — During the design process, we keep the slope of the landscape in mind so that your lawn doesn’t isn’t damaged by excess water.
  • Regrading — If natural degradation or a previous design flaw has predisposed your property to flood, we can come in and correct this. We safely improve your drainage system while taking care to preserve the existing health of your lawn.

If you notice that water is collecting in certain areas of your yard, you may need a drainage inspection. Reach out to one of our drainage specialists; we can evaluate your lawn and help you determine if your issue is serious. If you do, we can help you take steps to correct it so that your lawn is healthy for years to come.

Bel Air Snow Removal

The chill of the winter months can be a trying time for many Bel Aire residents. To further add to the frigid temperature, excess snowfall can be exhausting for residents who must continually clear snow from their driveways and walking paths. The team at Bartrum Landscape Services offers routine snow removal services as well as help in the aftermath of a blizzard by providing:

  • Residential snow removal
  • Commercial snow removal

If you don’t have the desire or the necessary equipment to clear your driveway, walking paths, or parking areas of snow, our professionals can help. Our expert snow removal team will clear your snowy spaces, allowing you to come and go despite the wintry conditions.

Holiday Lights

Adding some warmth to your landscape is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Our holiday light service is especially helpful for people who want to enjoy the festivity of the season without stepping foot on a ladder. We provide the following services for holiday decorating:

  • Planning — We work with you to understand and establish how you’d like your holiday escape to look.
  • Installation — Out team gets to work, bringing your landscape to life for the holidays.
  • Removal — Once the holiday season is over, we carefully take your lights down.

Installing lights on your own can not only be tiring, but it can also be risky. Our professionals are dedicated to safety, so if you’re nervous about hanging lights by yourself this year, we are ready to help. No matter your vision — from simple holiday lighting schemes to extravagant light-up wonderlands — we can help you bring it to life.

Bel Air Hardscape Engineers

Hardscaping is a wonderful way to compliment the natural elements of your garden. Some manmade additions to your lawn can contrast the natural beauty of your landscape while creating some additional visual interest. Hardscaping can also give your lawn a more obvious purpose (for example, the creation of a walking path, a sitting area, or an outdoor kitchen), which can all turn a beautiful space into a place where people want to gather. Popular hardscaping additions include:

  • Driveways
  • Walking paths
  • Water features
  • Pools
  • Trellises
  • Arbors
  • Fences

The list is not all-inclusive, so if you are envisioning a hardscaping feature that is not included on the list, we are happy to discuss it with you. The list of possible hardscape additions is expansive, and we can help you select the right features for your yard.

Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Bel Air

An outdoor kitchen is a perfect addition for anyone who wants to give added purpose to their space. Entertaining is easier and more enjoyable when you have an indoor and outdoor kitchen. Whether you are looking for a simple design with only a few burners or the features of a full kitchen, the team at Bartrum Landscape Services can help. The combinations are endless, and we will work with you to make sure that your outdoor space is exactly what you want it to be.

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The experienced landscaping team at Bartrum Landscape Services have been helping Bel Air residents for almost ten years. We proudly serve residential and commercial property owners across the area, and are ready to sit down with you to discuss your next project. For professional and quality landscaping services, call our Bel Air team at (410) 206-4916 today.